OM C. Parkin


The OM Foundation Inner Science was founded in Hamburg in 2019 and is based there. Its mission is to promote the spread of profound wisdom teachings, to enable seekers to meet spiritual teachers and to fundamentally convey the understanding of Inner Science. The initiator and founder of the foundation is the wisdom teacher, mystic and inner scientist OM C. Parkin.


The meaning of human existence is the knowledge of the true nature of man.



„We live in a time in which in our society the strict attachment to the Christian religion, to its beliefs, values and traditions is increasingly dissolving. Other worldviews, which seem to be the only ones that provide a sense of purpose, are taking their place: materialism, individualism, belief in the laws of economics, the natural sciences and digitalization.

In addition to the positive consequences, the negative consequences of this development are also visible everywhere. These predominantly purely rational worldviews contribute to disconnecting man from his innermost being, his essence. He loses his mental balance.


The founders assume that there are universally valid laws of an evolution of human consciousness which can be recognized by people through experience and study of the Eternal Philosophy, and that these insights, gained through the applied methodology of Inner Science, will prompt people to go through an integral development in which the three levels of existence – body, soul, spirit – are harmoniously connected with each other. The goal of this integral development is the formation of a silent mind, capable of both outer and inner silence, which enables the person to have a lasting experience of inner peace. This inner, harmonious development connects people with each other and promotes a peaceful coexistence in mutual respect.“


It is about being close to one’s own heart, in a fiery encounter and connected with the soul of the world – welcome home!

Roots & Vision of the advaitaCongress


“The advaita teaching is not a teaching originating from India, but only a branch of the philosophia perennis, the Eternal Philosophy. This liberation teaching conveys universally valid metaphysical laws of the Great Order.”

OM C. Parkin

With all serious spiritual teachings, the teaching of advaita has in common the liberation of man and the realization of the truth of the true nature of man, of being human. Compared to the Eastern tradition, advaita has a different flavor in the West. To get to know and explore this flavor is the subject of the advaitaCongress.

The advaitaCongress has had a tradition in Russia for several years and was founded by Swami Vishnudevananda. In 2017 it took place for the first time in Thalheim and was organized by Bernhard & Elena Köll. Since 2019 the organization of the congress is in the hands of the “OM Foundation Inner Science”. We are grateful to be able to continue this congress at Thalheim Castle.

If you have any questions about the congress or the foundation feel free to contact us!