Florian Schlosser

„Some call me a friend. Some consider me a teacher. I am myself. And then what people want me to be for them“. In April 2000 there awoke in Florian the timeless recognition of being consciousness as the only reality. It was the fundamental realisation that there are not “inside” and “outside” worlds which exist separately from each other.

What is Advaita?

To begin with, Advaita is just a word, nothing more, nothing less. Its meaning describes an ancient Indian way of seeing and thinking (philosophy) that points to the non-separateness of all that is. Advaita is the description of non-duality at the level of consciousness. Everything is contained in pure consciousness. In pure consciousness we are everything and everybody.

Non-duality thus also fully encloses the world of appearances – which in its essential nature is duality. Advaita does not separate but is, on a living level, the realization that nothing exists outside the consciousness that we experience as ‘our consciousness’. In Western terminology we can say: non-duality is the natural state of complete integration and balance of absolute consciousness AND relative experience of the body and nervous system.

Only this fundamental, deeply down-to-earth realization that the world of duality (appearances) is contained in the non-duality of consciousness, opens to us humans the ‘feeling of I’ = being-in-motion, AND ‘I am’ = being-at-rest as a natural movement of life. This infinitely deepening realization is the dissolution of the cognitive division between what we call duality and non-duality. In an integrated consciousness there is neither duality nor non-duality, but only unity without movement in endless exchange with itself. That is love.

Which flavor does the Advaita teaching take on through your form, and the way you teach?

My many years of experience have taught me that only the realization of ‘I am Consciousness’ enables substantial, complete integration and healing of the earliest developmental wounds. This fundamental reversal of our attention away from the ‘content of experience’ to that which is ‘conscious of the experience’ makes it possible for us to recognize at their core persistent automatisms and patterns of behavior, old habits as well as deep traumas in our consciousness, body and nervous system, to experience them with empathy and dissolve them in a lasting way.

In my modern transmission of the Advaita teaching, I integrate the most recent insights into our nervous system and its interaction with cognitive consciousness in a protected experiential space of security, empathy, and rest. Very early, unconscious developmental traumas in all of us have an existential impact on how we are psychologically structured, how we experience the world, and what relationship we have with ourselves and that which we experience as ‘outside of ourselves’.

Only in the interaction of our relationships can we fully recognize ourselves as who we really are and transform our potential into substance. In this way we recognize ourselves as limitlessness on the level of pure consciousness. At the same time we recognize our limitations, and learn to respect, honor and protect our vulnerability on the level of human existence. The union of these seemingly contradictory levels is the art and constant challenge of living in the light of non-duality. My work is a down-to-earth and true-to-life contribution to it.

“In waking up to the reality of now, there is synchronicity. The wakefulness of your true being penetrates every layer of the personality in each moment. Then there is only one. It is not truth versus personality. It is one. The personality then functions in a different way; things come to peace that have not been at peace before, and the truth that was caged is set free like a flying bird.“ (Florian Schlosser)

During the course of the following 18 years, there began a profound integration of that ultimate shift in consciousness into the body, accompanied by an ongoing transformation of the entire nervous and cellular system which is deepening ever since. In his widely-appreciated, unique approach Florian invites people around the world to contain all expressions of human life, and finally to be a mature and integrated embodiment of consciousness in daily life.

„There is nothing that is not me. All that appears and disappears is an experience in myself, felt and sensed as sensations in the nervous system. Through gradual integration rooted in a deep love for truth this human organism is continuously learning to contain all of life in its innumerable forms and expressions – independently of likes and dislikes, preferences and conditioning. This I call unconditional love.“ (Florian Schlosser)