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advaitaCongress update

The advaitaCongress is very close to our hearts and we have invested joy and time into the planning. First, the congress planned for 2021 could not take place because of the corona pandemic and currently the planning is impeded by the ongoing war events in Ukraine. At the moment it does not seem to be the right time for a gathering of teachers and students in this form.

Advaita teachers OM and Igor Kufayev have agreed in a conversation that an online format for the advaitaCongress is fundamentally inappropriate.

There will certainly be another advaitaCongress and as soon as we have news we will inform you here. If you want to be in contact, you are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest information.

With warm regards, the team of the OM Foundation Inner Science.

“You have brought the advaita teaching into my heart with much care, love and intuition. Thank you”

Participant from advaitaCongress 2019


advaitaCongress “Falling deeper” 

„Who am I really?“ – This all-important question leads the seeker to a journey to discover his or her deepest innermost Self. On this journey, the advaitaCongress is an invaluably enriching experience. Diving into a field of consciousness by presentations, darshans, workshops, music and meditation opens the door to falling into your Self.

Advaita is the teaching of Non-Duality. Compared to Eastern traditions, it has a different taste in the West. It is also an objective of this Congress to explore this. The exchange with truthful, spiritual masters and teachers, with people who seek truth promises a process of diving into a deep space full of clarity and joy.

This is a serious invitation to encounter your Self, in which every possible separation has been suspended, now, in this moment, in the infinitiy of Being.

We invite you to take part in it!

Menschen meditieren in der Grotte
Schloss Thalheim
aC Teacher on Stage

OM C. Parkin talks about the vision of the advaitaCongress:

„Falling deeper“

The highest inner teachings of humanity all point to the One Truth of non-duality (Sanskrit: advaita). Those who have realised the advaita teaching have reached the end. The end of the search, the end of the teaching, the end of the path, the end of knowledge, the end of suffering, the end of the world. This end is also a beginning.

If a spiritual teaching is both the beginning and the end, it can only be a paradoxical teaching, a teaching that cannot be grasped by the mind: We can only BE what we are. – And so to speak fall deeper into ourselves.

At this congress, international masters and teachers come together to transmit the One Taste of this great liberation teaching. It is the realisation of this One Taste, this One Truth, that liberates people and reveals to them the natural state of BEING-Consciousness-Bliss (sat-chit-ananda).

“A big thank you to the masters and the organizers of the congress. It is a transmission from heart to heart, where the words were only a complement to the depth that took place. A bright and fulfilling aftertaste. Thank you very much!”

Participant from advaitaCongress 2019
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Spiritual teachers at the congress

Deliberately we invited four true masters and teachers from East and West, who will guide the event in  the depth and not in the width.

OM Portrait 2021

OM C. Parkin

Spiritual master, wisdom teacher, mystic and inner scientist.

OM is a master of the East and the West who integrates the highest awakening teachings – advaita, Zen, Christian mysticism – and thus serves the timeless integral wisdom teaching from the Source.

OM teaches people to explore the illusory world of the ego and accompanies them on the path of awakening into the depth of their SELF. He imparts his knowledge of the Absolute in enlightening talks about Being (Darshan), through Inner Work, as an author and in lectures. In the tradition of silence he works as a teacher of wisdom, healer of the soul, seer of the heart.

Falling deeper” Videomessage:

Igor Kufayev

Igor Kufayev

An artist, Advaita Tantra teacher and founder of the Flowing Wakefulness Fellowship, for over two decades Igor Kufayev has been serving as a conduit of transmission for awakening towards the new era of heart-centered consciousness. Speaking from direct realization of Oneness, he inspires and initiates the recognition of the fullest potential present in human birth.

Igor’s involvement with sacred tradition expresses itself not only in scriptural exposition and metaphysical discourse, but also as non-intellectual, heart-based illumination. It could be said that Igor’s teaching methods are rooted in Advaita Tantra, and he often teaches from the platform of Kashmir Shaivism.

Falling deeper” Videomessage:

Sumiran  Portrait

Swami Dharma Sumiran

He is a master of advaita vedanta and Zen, a mystic who has learned from Kamal and Indian masters. He lived in India and Nepal for one and a half years, travelled to monasteries, ashrams and temples and made pilgrimages to holy places in Turkey, Egypt and Thailand.

Since 2006, Swami Sumiran has been holding retreats and satsangs in major cities in Russia, Ukraine, India, Israel and Europe. In 2012 he came to the ‘West’ for the first time. Meetings with Sumiran take place in the traditional style of question and answer. Swami Sumiran is a true Jnana Yogi who communicates the wisdom teachings in simplicity, humour and conciseness.

Falling deeper” Videomessage:



Unmani has been holding Satsang or Meeting in Truth worldwide since 2003. At the heart of her teaching is the essence of Advaita (‘non-two’) and the way she teaches is very personal and intimate. She meets each person in their personal experience and holds them in the absolute truth of who they really are.

Unmani always felt deeply connected to life and in her search for truth she spent a long time in the Osho community in Pune. There she met the Zen master Dolano. Unmani finally awoke from self-doubt and confusion. This “awakening” was only the beginning of the endless awakening and living as this entity in her human adult life.

Falling deeper” Videomessage:

What you can expect

4 true spiritual masters and teachers

will lead the event in depths and not in the width. Through their experience, they guide you past the ego and speak directly to your heart.


Darshan is the direct vision of the divine. In darshan an inward room opens up, intimacy with oneself. You allow yourself to really see, through time, through space, through any mask.


Satsang is the meeting with the truth within yourself through an awakened master. Through enlightening conversations, blockages can dissolve and truth and love gain space within you.

Guided Meditations

In guided meditation where you are trustfully guided from masters, you can deeply let go of your fears, your resistances and your false inner worlds and arrive in the simple here and now.

Chi Work

With Qi-Gong, Sacred Movements, and other Chi exercises, your energy and nervous system can relax and recharge with fresh energy. Your chi level is raised and your self-awareness is strengthened.


Yoga will help you integrate your inner processes into the body and maintain your flexibility. It gives you a fine body awareness and frees your mind to be receptive to the spiritual teachings.


Zazen practice enhances your ability to concentrate and quiets your mind. You learn to let go of thoughts and find inner strength in silence.

Buddha Field

Being together with like-minded people and spiritual seekers creates a Buddha field in which your heart opens in encounters, in conversations and in being together in silence. We are all aligned to come closer to our true nature. Being, consciousness, bliss.

Beautiful Location

Thalheim Castle, just an hour from Vienna, is the perfect place for people who appreciate a respectful atmosphere, peace and beauty. The ideal setting for the advaitaCongress!

Much more!

You can experience much more than what is described here. The experience of a true heart opening, inner stillness and the deep satisfaction and freedom which goes with it,  is undescribable. You have to experience it! 

Chi Work
FLorian Schlosser
3 Ladys Meditation


 In addition, you will receive the program booklet upon check-in. Translations at the congress in Russian, English and German are possible at any time.

People at Concert
FLorian Schlosser
3 Ladys Meditation



Harmonz and Peace

Once you step through our gates, the ease of harmony and peace await you in a timeless ambience – just perfect for people who appreciate a respectful atmosphere, peace, quiet and relaxation. The ideal setting for a self-discovery retreat or for dialogues and talks. The careful selection of stylistic elements and natural materials convey an overall impression of uncomplicated elegance.

Website Schloss Thalheim

Schloss Thalheim

Schloss Thalheim is a soothing and nurturing place with a monastic past whose substance has been carefully restored. With its extensive Park, charming Gardens, ancient Meditation Grotto and Chapel, it is the ideal place for encounter and stillness in equal measure.

Adress: Thalheim 22, 3141 Kapelln an der Perschling, Austria

How to get there

Schloss Thalheim

“From the bottom of my heart, I thank the Source that has manifested here through the Masters and all the participants of the Congress! The diamond is beautiful. Please continue this tradition!”

Participant from advaitaCongress 2019
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Accomodation Options

When ordering your ticket you choose which of the 3 accommodation options you would like to have.

Doppelzimmer Schloss Thalheim

Option 1

book a room at Schloss Thalheim

double/multiple occupancy only (two meals included: breakfast and dinner)

+ congress fee

See Storno Conditions Schloss Thalheim

Option 2

economical in the yoga-hall

in the yoga hall at Schloss Thalheim. Bring you own sleeping bag and matrace. Two meals included: breakfast and dinner.

+ congress fee

Yoga hall
Smart-Livin Hotel

Option 3

book your accommodation nearby

Please book your own accommodation nearby. We provide a daily shuttle service to the following two hotels nearby:

1. Zöchbauer Hotel Garni

Single Room  | Double room  | Multi-bed room 

2. Smart Livin Hotel

Single Room  | Double room 

When booking, please state that you are booking for advaitaCongress.

+ 44 € per day for two meals in Schloss Thalheim: brunch and dinner

+ congress fee

“Great event! Very necessary and timely! I love you all!

Participant from advaitaCongress 2019
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In case you have any questions,
feel free to contact us


The OM Foundation Inner Science, based at the modern monastery Gut Saunstorf – Place of Stillness, aims to promote the dissemination of deep wisdom teachings, to enable seekers to meet with spiritual teachers, and to provide a fundamental understanding of Inner Science.
It is about being close to one’s own heart, in a fiery encounter and connected with the soul of the world – welcome home!

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“The congress with the different aspects of the teaching was very beneficial, enriching and complementary. It brought spirituality very close to me, very practical, almost to touch. The days have left a deep impression, deep traces in me and a trail out of the jungle of the ego.”

Participant from advaitaCongress 2019
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